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Rotary Steam Tube Dryers

Save millions with steam

Rotary steam tube dryers utilize conduction as the heat transfer method.  They are a type of indirect dryer in that the product does not come in contact with the heating medium (steam).  Rotary steam tube dryers have a long history of reliable service, drying a wide range of products.  Davenport Dryer designs robust dryers that offer a long life of reliability.

Rotary steam tube dryers dry at a lower temperature, are resilient and can handle significant upsets. Dryers that use steam as a heat source instead of hot air tend to operate with greater thermal efficiency. In addition, the installed cost of steam tube dryers is roughly the same as direct fired dryers.

Rotary steam tube dryers are easier and safer to operate because they have fewer process parameters to control. Moreover, rotary steam tube dryers are just as safe during start-up and shut-down as they are during operation.

Davenport rotary steam tube dryers operate in a low temperature range - 250 to 350 degrees - resulting in a more consistent and higher quality end- product. Our dryers are able to handle a broader range of input variables and yet deliver a more consistent, high-quality product.

Advantages of Using Steam Tube Drying Technology

  • Low temperature, indirect drying
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Exceptional product quality
  • Secondary steam utilization for reduced operating cost
  • Minimal process air flow
  • Relatively low emissions
  • Proven dependability
  • Simple operation
  • Low maintenance

Steam Tube Dryer Applications

  • DDG & DDGS
  • Corn germ
  • Corn gluten/Endosperm
  • Corn fiber feed
  • Cellulosic process cake
  • Soybean conditioning/Meal
  • Canola seed conditioning
  • Canola flake drying
  • Coal
  • Paper sludge
  • Various chemicals and minerals